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Adolfo PĂ©rez EsquivelBush says he prays. But I think God covers up his ears when George Bush prays.
- ((1980 Nobel Peace Prize))
Bumper stickerThe Bush legacy: Leave no child a dime.
Conan O'BrienWhile our writers were gone, Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama declared their support for the writers' strike. Meanwhile, President Bush announced he's in favor of a readers' strike.
Eugene RobinsonCoherent speech is not one of George W. Bush's gifts.
- (Washington Post columnist)
Jay LenoSaddam Hussein also challenged President Bush to a debate -- The Butcher of Baghdad vs. the Butcher of the English language.
Jay LenoThe government has announced plans to build a 700-mile-long fence to protect the nation's 1600-mile-long border with Mexico. Now see, that's what happens when you let President Bush do the math.
Jay Leno
(1950 - )
First Lady Laura Bush says she can't fall asleep without reading, unlike her husband, who can't read without falling asleep.
Robin Williams
(1951 - )
Having George W. Bush giving a lecture on business ethics is like having a leper give you a facial, it just doesn't work!
Tom CruiseHe's used to ducking.
- (after a Baghdad news conference where an Iraqi newsman threw his shoes at Bush)
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